John McAfee Launches Encrypted Email on Blockchain Technology



When you first meet someone, you don’t divulge your deepest secrets. If privacy doesn’t matter, would you be willing to give your wallet to a total stranger and let them go through it and write down everything they find inside? Then why on earth would we believe that if we’re not doing anything wrong, we shouldn’t care if someone has our information?

John McAfee SwiftMail is a free, decentralized, peer-to-peer, proof-of-work, encrypted mail system that uses Bitcoin technology to replace email. A SwiftMail wallet address looks like this: ab99b776de244fe0f70f229921517829.

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John McAfee SwiftMail uses 0.001 SwiftCoin to send mail and attachments to any device running Android, Windows or Ubuntu. The mail recipient will send back 0.001 SwiftCoin to reply. The net round trip cost of sending and receiving John McAfee SwiftMail is zero.

SwiftCoin is a free-floating, market based, decentralized, peer-to-peer, proprietary proof-of-work digital currency and transaction network developed by Daniel Bruno, Chartered Market Technician. SwiftCoin can be freely bought and sold for Bitcoin and the currencies of all countries. The SwiftCoin block chain confirms all mail and payment transactions without any centralized approval or manual intervention.

If you are concerned about the origin of email sent to you and have felt uneasy about who may access the email and attachments you send, McAfee SwiftMail is worth a try. At McAfee SwiftMail, the block chain, not a human being, confirms that your mail is genuine and your sent mail was received at the other end. The McAfee SwiftMail block chain is like a pyramid rising forever. Every brick is unique and has a special place in the structure, which is never completed. With John McAfee SwiftMail, every mail is another brick.

If an email is a letter, metadata is the envelope. A whole lot can be determined without opening the envelope. The recipient address, return address and time stamp are enough.

A SwiftMail wallet address looks like this: ab99b776de244fe0f70f229921517829 and this d4626a77963c42491cf3da2cf1a3fb7b and this e930005696cf63b386b5ffca01351ae6.

Users can get as many John McAfee SwiftMail wallet addresses as they wish with a single click.

John McAfee SwiftMail uses 256 bit, end-to-end encryption. Intercepted data is useless. Users can keep John McAfee SwiftMail wallets on a computer, external disc or inconspicuous USB stick.

The deep design of John McAfee SwiftMail is just as important as the technology.