to Host Huge AMA of Top Bitcoin Experts on November 2nd



An all-star AMA session on with many top names in the Bitcoin industry will begin November 2nd, and continue throughout the month. Participants include Patrick Byrne CEO of Overstock, Andreas M. Antonopoulos, Gavin Andresen and many more.

Anyone will be able to ask questions directly to the biggest names in Bitcoin.

The sessions will start on the 2nd of November 2015 in the “ask me anything” section on the forum. An amazing list of participants have already agreed to take part. Professionals from every part of the bitcoin industry, including CEO`s, core developers, co-founders and innovative creators have agreed to take place.

The list includes such big names as:

Patrick Byrne CEO of Overstock
Andreas M. Antonopoulos
Gavin Andresen
Erik Voorhees, CEO of
Dan Moorhead, CEO of Pantera Bitcoin
Wences Casares, CEO of XAPO
Jeremy Allaire, CEO of Circle
Stephen Pair, CEO of Bitpay
And dozens more CEOs from the Bitcoin industry!

This is the public’s chance to ask questions directly to their favorite industry leaders, or simply to read the great community questions and answers from the top names in Bitcoin. Anyone can register on today to make sure they do not miss the excitement starting on the 2nd of November, and continuing through the end of the month. will also be donating 4BTC to the charity chosen by whoever receives and answers the most questions in their AMA thread.

“This is the first chance the public has ever had to interact directly with so many of the CEOs and thought leaders in the bitcoin ecosystem. As the premier supporter of open discussion, is the natural place to host this event,” Said Roger Ver also know as the Bitcoin Jesus.