Banking As An Institution is Obsolete, Replaced by a Protocol

By Andreas Antonopoulos

Banks are investing hundreds of millions of dollars in the blockchain ecosystem, training tens of thousands of developers to build things that won’t work. The future role of banks in the economy. Horse carriages in Central Park did not completely disappear because of cars. They will be used for legacy applications.

“Centralised blockchains” are a contradiction in terms because the purpose of a blockchain is to allow for/ increase decentralisation. Banking as an institution is obsolete; it may take 20-30 years before you see that ripple through the world, but it will. I’m hoping the best of the best of these developers take a couple of years getting bored doing proof-of-concept on reinventing spreadsheets, and then use their Christmas bonus to fund a start-up that will compete against their former employer who taught them how to do this.

I’ve talked to people from these banks who’ve done this. Competition will determine the outcome in the market, and if you continue to build horse buggies in the age of the automobile, you go out of business. The dinosaurs will survive but they will change and lose enough power until they become chickens. That’s what happened to the dinosaurs, and we have their children for breakfast every morning.

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