Pay for Hundreds of Gift Cards with DASH Cryptocurrency Using Text Messages


DALLAS, TX – Today,, a free point-of-sale system for businesses to easily accept cryptocurrency, announced that you can now buy gift cards at with the cryptocurrency DASH using text messages.

“eGifter integrated Anypay’s point-of-sale software specifically to accept the cryptocurrency DASH,” said co-founder and CEO of Anypay Steven Zeiler who made the announcement on Twitter last Tuesday.

“With eGifter you can shop for practically anything with DASH,” Zeiler emphasized. offers gift cards to over 300 retailers, as well as virtual prepaid debit cards to use anywhere online. Customers who pay with DASH earn extra “eGifter points” that can be applied for discounts on future purchases.

“The DASH community encourages spending,” Zeiler said. “As a result, more businesses are adding support for DASH. We’re thrilled to provide tools that advance the use of cryptocurrency in the real economy.”

Anypay calls itself a “Crypto Cash Register”. They offer free software that enables anyone to accept six different cryptocurrencies as payment including DASH, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, Litecoin, and Ripple.

“Anypay makes it easy for any business to collect and track cryptocurrency payments,” said Anypay co-founder Derrick J. Freeman. “Merchants receive payments directly as if they were handed cash. And they can even convert to fiat instantly if they choose.”

Anypay is also the first point-of-sale (POS) system to offer instant cryptocurrency transactions without the need for Internet by using’s merchant API for SMS payments.

CoinText SMS wallets enable sending cryptocurrencies to mobile phone numbers or wallet addresses. When paying with DASH or Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Anypay’s POS terminals provide a unique five-digit code for CoinText users to pay using a text message like “BUY S8LXT”.

Watch this video of a customer paying for a pastry over SMS using Anypay’s POS system with CoinText.

“The ability for a merchant to accept SMS payments without Internet is particularly useful in rural areas and developing nations where many people do not have smartphones or mobile data plans,” explained CoinText founder Vin Armani.

“Anypay is at the cutting edge of global payment technology. We’re grateful to Anypay for giving CoinText users more places to spend their cryptocurrency online and at brick n’ mortar businesses,” Armani added.

DASH users in the United States can get a CoinText wallet by texting the word START to 1-603-782-2297

Businesses and online merchants can download Anypay’s payment software for free at

About Anypay
Anypay is the simplest way to pay with digital cash. Our free point-of-sale app is used globally by retailers of all sizes to accept Bitcoin, Dash, and a wide range of popular cryptocurrencies. Our team is the committed to making digital cash spendable everywhere. To learn more about Anypay, visit Anypay.Global, or download the Anypay mobile app available for Android.

Contact: press(at)anypay(dot)global

About CoinText
CoinText is a full-featured SMS cryptocurrency wallet. CoinText doesn’t require apps, accounts, passwords, or Internet and works on any type of SMS-enabled device. Users are able to instantly send funds directly to mobile phone numbers or cryptocurrency addresses. CoinText offers an open API for wallet and POS developers.

Contact: contact (at) cointext(dot)io

About eGifter
eGifter, the eGifting Company™, revolutionizes gift cards with its powerful platform, serving both consumers directly and helping partners frow their gifting, incentive and rewards businesses. To learn more about eGifter and their platform, visit or download the eGifter mobile app for iOS or Android.