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Legal Cannabis Delivery Service in California Becomes First to Accept Bitcoin

Caught Bitcoin fever and now have crypto burning a hole in your virtual wallet? Celebrate the cryptocurrency’s meteoric resurrection by using it to purchase your favorite strain of marijuana or magic brownie.

SpeedWeed, California’s only fully legal cannabis delivery platform, today announced that customers can now use Bitcoin to purchase legal marijuana products from licensed dispensaries and have them delivered directly to their door.

“With banks and credit card companies shying away from the cannabis industry, customers are forced to pay in cash. That’s really inconvenient. We have a better way,” said Ken Breese, Director of Operations. “By allowing members to pay with crypto, we’re able to keep our promise: SpeedWeed is the safest, most convenient way to have cannabis delivered.”

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AJ Gentile, Chief Executive Officer, is no stranger to technology. “Before entering the cannabis industry, I was developing enterprise applications for the United States Congress,” said AJ Gentile, CEO. “I used solutions deployed for my government clients to help SpeedWeed scale. When you’re managing a database of 200,000 consumers, you have to exceed expectations. If our members ask for it, we build it. As soon as Bitcoin approached $10,000, our phones lit up with customers wanted pay with crypto. Deploying technology into our platform is easy for us. It’s what we do.”

Launched in 2011, SpeedWeed gained notoriety for delivering medical marijuana to the homes of some of Hollywood’s biggest stars. Earlier this year, SpeedWeed began providing their expertise to other dispensaries seeking to build and scale their own delivery operations.

“SpeedWeed literally wrote the book on cannabis delivery,” continues AJ Gentile. “During legalization, SpeedWeed was the only retailer on California’s Stakeholder Panel for Delivery and Transportation. Many of our SOPs are part of California cannabis law. We provide a safe, professional consumer experience that makes newcomers comfortable and keeps people coming back. As we improve our existing services and deploy new ones like pay-by-crypto, we share this knowledge not only with our clients, but with the entire industry.”

Visit SpeedWeed.com/bitcoin for more details.

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