Difference Between Cryptocurrency and Central Bank Digital Currencies is Freedom


By Jeff Paul

Cryptocurrency literally means hidden money.

The invention of Bitcoin as a peer-to-peer digital cash system may be the only tool to avoid total tyranny.

We’ve reported on the dangers of a cashless society for years. If authorities can shut off your digital payments, they have complete control over you if cash is not an option.

It is the manifestation of the “Mark of the Beast” warned about in scripture. You must have the mark to participate in the beast economy.

That mark could require taking a vaccine or be revoked for wrongthink.

It is the greatest threat to freedom in all of human history.

Government central banks like the US Federal Reserve are launching new digital currencies using similar technology as Bitcoin. This system will be able to track and control all transactions in real time.

Some think Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are part of the beast system because they’re also digital. They’re wrong.

There are very crucial differences. And it is setting up an epic battle between freedom vs tyranny. Good versus evil.

Three key features make cryptocurrency a lifeboat for freedom versus the beast system of control…

  • Cryptocurrency transactions are private
  • No one can stop you from sending or receiving cryptocurrency
  • Your funds cannot be confiscated

This is the opposite of central bank digital currencies that will spy on your every transaction, block any payment they decide is unlawful or immoral, and confiscate your savings with the push of a button.

If you really want more freedom, start learning how to use cryptocurrency.

Here are a few places to start:

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Jeff Paul is the founder of Coinivore.com and co-founder of Counter Markets.