Lastwill Project For Cold Storage Of Cryptocurrency; Releasing After Your Death


Lastwill, a project devoted to saving your crypto investments after various life events, reached its soft cap within 48 hours of its announcement.

Saint-Petersburg, RU – August, 14th. The Lastwill project, dedicated to the preservation of crypto-savings in the event of loss of access to the wallet or various life circumstances, has reached its soft cap 48 hours after launch. Protecting assets after the loss or death of the user, the app was developed by Russian developers using Ethereum smart contracts.

There are no current solutions which allow you to save your money in case of loss of access to the wallet. The mission of the Lastwill project is to provide a convenient interface for creating specific smart contracts, through which it is possible to ensure the transfer of savings to other user wallets or purses of relatives in the event of various events.

“We are creating three applications for iOS and Android users, as well as a web portal where everyone can create and configure a lastwill contract in order to avoid losing coins,” the project’s founder, Dr. Vladimir Tikhomirov, said.

The project architecture is based on Ethereum smart contracts. At the moment the project supports only ETH wallets, but in the future with the development of projects polkadot, cosmos and rsk it will be possible to transfer the implementation to BTC, and later to most other forks. Using unique architecture to guarantee safety (which is provided by the Ethereum platform itself), the owner can create a contract, deploy it and regularly check the fulfillment of the conditions. The rightful owner can cancel the contract at any time.

The first version of the service on the website was launched yesterday; the demo allows creating contracts:

“In addition to achieving user support in the form of investment, we are pleased a community of experts has formed around the project, ready to help both with code audit and with the development,” notes Vladimir Tikhomirov.

The team plans to complete pre-ICO within a week and is preparing for the ICO in September, when the service will go into the active phase of testing and auditing.

Project site/Company:

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