Presearch Targets 100,000 Beta Testers With Launch of Open Beta


Today,  April 9th, 2018 – Presearch, The People’s Search Engine, is excited to announce that it has opened its search portal to the public at

Presearch pays users in PRE Tokens – cryptocurrency that can be spent online – when they search.

With the launch, Presearch is targeting 100,000 beta testers by the end of May and will build upon the 15,000+ testers who already signed up while the project was in a closed beta test.

“Since launching our closed beta on November 9th, we’ve been blown away by the response – more than 15,000 people requested access to the platform, with 40% becoming daily active users,” Colin Pape, Presearch founder, and project lead said.

“These testers have run more than 9 million searches through the site, and have provided us with invaluable feedback and the opportunity to improve the platform. Now we’re opening it up to even more people so we can take it to the next level,” Pape continued.

The Open Beta version streamlines the sign-up process with an immediate approval and includes a new online tour that explains how members can use the platform.

In addition to enabling members to choose their preferred search engines and save time searching, Presearch also enables those who are fed up with a handful of giant companies controlling the Web to send a message about the importance of choice online.

The timing for the launch of Presearch couldn’t be better. With the Cambridge Analytica scandal and the recent revelations about just how much data Google is collecting, people are hungry for change and looking for alternative ways to access the Web.

“When you use Presearch, you’re sending the Internet giants a message – that you want your data respected, and you want more control over your online lives” said Pape. “This is the beginning of the open search movement.”

Last year, Coinivore interviewed Colin Pape, Presearch is an open, decentralized search engine that rewards community members with Presearch Tokens. You can listen to Carnivore’s full interview here.

About Presearch:

Presearch is building a decentralized search engine, powered by the community. The platform rewards searchers with PRE tokens, which sponsors purchase to run advertisements. The platform is open, transparent and respects your data and privacy while providing you with quick, easy access to the best resources on the web, increasing choice and quality.

For more information on Presearch, you can visit the project website at, or sign up to be a beta tester at  

Get updates on Telegram @presearchnews, Twitter @presearchnews or on Facebook.

Join Presearch Telegram community here.


David Howitt

Media Relations


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