Bitcoin’s Censorship Resistance And Ross Ulbricht’s Captivity


In this video, Bitcoin developer Vin Armani discusses the recent censorship by media and financial platforms for political beliefs and how Bitcoin solves this issue.

As more people begin to experience arbitrary censorship, Bitcoin provides a vehicle for permissionless value transfer. However, if Bitcoin is only used as a speculative asset held at custodians that can freeze funds and censor transactions, Vin explains its primary use is nullified.

Whereas its use as peer-to-peer cash is precisely what counters censorship.

Armani refers to the Silk Road marketplace as an example of how transacting in bitcoin can be nearly impossible to stop. He advocates for Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht who is serving two life sentences without parole for merely building a website.

Armani says we will know that we are free when Ross Ulbricht is free.

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Vin Armani is the author of Self Ownership,  founder of Bitcoin Mystery School, co-founder of Counter Markets, and partner at Follow Vin on Twitter.