Bitcoin Course Teaches History, Philosophy, and How Bitcoin Works


By Jeff Paul

Discovering Bitcoin is dizzying. It is common to dive head first down the rabbit hole seeking answers. For me, I hardly came up for air for six months until I thought I had a mild grasp of what Bitcoin is and why it is important. And yet, it’s been a decade and I’m still trying to figure out the mysteries of Bitcoin. 

What is Money? What is Bitcoin? Why is Bitcoin valuable? How does it actually work? Why is it secure? How to understand the code without being a developer? What can Bitcoin do that traditional money can’t do? I’m always exploring these questions.

So I recently took the new course by Vin Armani called Bitcoin Mystery School. In three live Zoom webinars, Vin took us on a journey through the history, purpose, and philosophy of money, and how Bitcoin works at the atomic level. Vin covered a lot of ground in the 4.5-hour course to benefit Bitcoin novices and veterans alike. 

The course runs for three consecutive days with 1.5-hour sessions each day.

Day 1 – The first day, Vin gives a brief history of money, what is Bitcoin, the reasons it is valuable, and what secures Bitcoin. In simple language for beginners, Vin lifts the veil on public and private cryptography and describes how transactions work on a block explorer. 

Day 2 – The second day, explains the history of the dollar and human transaction. Next he describes what problem Bitcoin solves and how it is solved. Finally, he teaches step by step how to use an open-source Bitcoin wallet to send and receive encrypted messages. 

Day 3 – On the third day, Vin demystifies how Bitcoin works at the code level and shows how to mint your own token by hand using simple steps.

The course only accepts 20 students per session so that Vin can answer your questions along the way. The first sessions have sold out, so secure your seat in the next session here.

Vin is known for saying “Bitcoin is not money” on Twitter and elsewhere. In this course, he clarifies that it is a totally new form of transferring value. He says “calling Bitcoin money is like calling a car a horseless carriage.” 

Vin’s point is that Bitcoin is so much more than money. This course will open your eyes to the vast potential of Bitcoin and give you the tools and knowledge to take advantage of it.

Register for Bitcoin Mystery School here.

Jeff Paul is the founder of and co-founder of Counter Markets newsletter to help you prosper outside the rigged system.