What is SmartCash?


By Lily Forester

SmartCash is a relatively little known cryptocurrency project that is surprisingly packed with features.  Today I’m going to share about the TermRewards and SmartRetire.  But first, a bit of context.  I’ve been dabbling with SMART since 2018 when they sponsored Anarchaforko and I’ve been both impressed by the functionality of the blockchain and the people behind it.  

I do some work with SmartCash but admittedly dropped off the face of the SmartCash world there for more than 6 months for no reason other than being busy with finishing my first ebook and working for Anarchapulco 2021. 

I share this to say that now I no longer know what’s going on with the project and that’s because it’s advanced to the point where I am now faced with the fun task of playing catch up.   The team has been working hard to provide features to really build a long term ecosystem.  SmartCash is known for being fast and easy to use, now it’s fully establishing itself as a long term solution for savings and that has me pretty excited. 

SmartCash with its Horizon 2.0 release has made some pretty cool changes in order to incentivize long term holding while making things like ensuring a crypto retirement easy.  I’m talking about TermRewards and SmartRetire.  

These are somewhat linked with the feature of Time Locked Payments.  Meaning you can send a payment of SmartCash that is unable to be spent before a specific time.  You can use one of the preset times or set your own custom time.  I thought this is cool because you could somewhat guard against theft by keeping most of your funds in a time locked address.

Well evidently I wasn’t the first with that thought because TermRewards is like a one up of that completely.  TermRewards has a minimum time of 1 year (up to 3) and 1 million SmartCash, but you receive significantly higher returns than you would with the SmartRewards program. “SmartCash yearly yield will start with 35% for a 1 year holding period and 45% for a 3 year holding period” Coinlance

Then there’s SmartRetire, a solution for those looking to replace the traditional 401k retirement model with something geared for the cryptocurrency future we are staring in the face.  You’ll need a minimum million SmartCash to take advantage of this now but there will be smaller amounts as an option with future releases.  You will also need to stake your coin for a minimum of 15 years, meaning you can’t spend it until the date chosen when you activate SmartRetire.  

SmartRetire like TermRewards offers higher yields than SmartRewards, so that million SmartCash is going to increase quite a lot in that time, 50% in fact yearly which is paid out quarterly.  Just do the math on that, I’ll wait.  

As far as I’m concerned altcoin season is upon us, especially when you consider recent price activity of BCH and Monero.  The price of SmartCash is rising again in response to this (and a lot of other features I don’t have time to explain here, watch the SmartCash twitter for latest updates) and it’s nowhere near its highest value ever yet despite all these new features.  

If you’re interested in getting involved, the easiest way I know of to get SmartCash is to use Coinomi and convert BTC to SMART that way.  Edge and Ellipal wallets also support quick SmartCash conversion with no KYC that is involved with regular exchanges.  

For a link to the download of the SmartCash Node wallet, click here. 

To see the recent TermRewards and SmartRetire Snapshot, click here

To learn more about how to activate either TermRewards or SmartRetire, click here.

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